PLANTING A SEED.                               La Rhina's Bio
Thank you for the opportunity to share this wonderful art with you. Throughout our lives, there are many experiences that leave a deep and lasting positive impact on us. I believe that flamenco can be one of them. Through this art, I have met so many wonderful individuals - great maestros, enthusiastic aficionados, and dedicated students. Although we may be far from the homeland of flamenco and have few opportunities to see and feel the authentic art in our local environment, my humble desire is to plant a seed of flamenco in those who are interested and encourage them to grow this "flamenco seedling" throughout one's lifetime. I hope you can get a taste of how the various aspects of flamenco can entice you completely - the cante (songs), the rhythms, the music, the emotion, the history, the movement, etc. The world of flamenco is open to all of us; let the journey of discovering its beauty, strength and depth begin.

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(updated: 05.21.2015):

•Japan Tour 2015.


Flamenco live performance booking is available